Basildon Education Partnership (BEP)

The Headteachers and Governors of BEP primary schools believe that it is vital that schools work together and collaborate to provide the best possible education for all pupils. Together we can provide better services, which are more cost-effective and targeted at need within our local context. We can respond quicker to the needs of pupils, staff and parents, and share issues professionally across the town.
We aim to further develop a school-to-school collaborative model of educational support and challenge in Basildon which focuses on pupil achievement and school improvement, enabling Basildon youngsters to raise their expectations and aspirations. 

Through collaborative and cluster-based working, we aim to build on the excellent track record of school improvement of the Basildon Excellence Panel, led by Sir Mike Tomlinson, OBE (ex Chief Inspector of Schools, England and Wales) and BEST. We are proud that today 90% of Basildon primary pupils attend schools that are rated by OFSTED as good or outstanding.
This progress and rate of improvement reflects our schools' commitment to each other, and to Basildon pupils - delivering school improvement through mutual challenge, support and sharing of expertise. This is supplemented by drawing upon external and national expertise.
All BEP services have been developed in accordance with the national and local agenda, through consultation with, and feedback from, all BEP schools.